2015 is about art, creativity and intervention for poverty alleviation in Egypt. Using imagery pulled from around the internet, our concept is visualised above with imagery tagged with the corresponding words from our slogan. Mimicking the larger ambitions of 2015, you hold the power to change the art that tells 2015's story. Press Change to create a new combination now.

What is 2015?

2015 is a digital campaigning platform using various forms of art and creativity to raise awareness, change perceptions and direct actions towards helping to alleviate poverty in Egypt.

Why 2015?

In the year 2000 at the United Nations Millennium Summit nearly 200 world leaders pledged to eradicate extreme poverty around the world by the year 2015. In 2013, 3 billion people still live in poverty. In Egypt millions of our people remain hungry, poor, and vulnerable, with too little access to opportunities. World leaders are failing. The moment has come to create a movement of change owned and driven by the people themselves, using one of the most effective ways to inspire, move and change the world: Art.

What is 2015 trying to do?

Raise awareness, Change Perceptions and Mobilise action

2015 uses various forms of art to introduce you to poverty related issues in Egypt today, and the people and communities affected by these issues, hoping to move and inspire you in a way that only art can do.

2015 is launching digital thematic campaigns focusing on different pressing social issues in Egypt. The campaigns use art and creative multi media such as user generated competitions, apps, short films, info-graphics and stunning visuals. 2015 will also provide relevant in depth information, encourage debates, and link people to groups and organisations creating impact on the ground.

The art generated for each campaign by the public, young talents, and some of the most exciting artists amongst us today will help raise awareness and change perceptions towards poverty related issues, and most importantly it will offer different actions that people can take both online and offline to help alleviate poverty in their communities and beyond.

How can you take part?

Get in touch! Think you could use your creative talent to contribute? Think you could use your voice to demand change? Think you could use your time to add value to other peoples lives? Well, you have come to the right

There are many ways to make a difference through 2015 so join us to start discovering how. Firstly our collective voices need to be heard, so add your voice to our chorus and join us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and share what you discover through us with your friends and contemporaries. Is 2015 missing something? Perhaps you have an artwork, photo or text that talks of your views on poverty which 2015 is lacking? Send them to us and we will publish them!

Join 2015.. Be the Change.

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2015 is a project of the El Sayed Foundation